Raybar at a glance


Raybar is one of the brand owned and marketed by Eastman Auto and Power Ltd launched in the year 2007. Eastman, with an immense experience in motorcycle segment (Tyres, tubes, spare parts, batteries) in international markets such as Latin America and with a deeper understanding of customers and their requirements, forayed into motorcycle unit business under the brand name "Raybar".
Raybar started with an idea to provide mobility to everyone, mostly the common man for whom reaching from one point to the other becomes cost effective with the promise of quality. With this thought, continuous business development efforts were executed in the region resulting in Nicaragua becoming, one of the prime market for the brand. With more than 10 years of operation in Nicaragua, Raybar today stands tall at no. 2 position. The immense success of Raybar and customer satisfaction in the country, Eastman strives to keep the momentum up for the brand by introducing exciting new models every year and expanding into other countries.

2017 marks an historic year for the brand with re-launch of successful and introduction of new models which has brought exciting features like Day time running lights, electric start in all basic models, heat guards near engine, LED lamps in headlight and more. Explore the range from Raybar now.


It’s a brand for the versatile, it’s for those who are driven by passion, who are in control, who are passionate achievers, who want to live, love and experience life to the fullest.

Raybar establishes itself in the lives of everyone. A common man, a racing enthusiast, a college student to a business man, from a range of street motorcycles to a range of off road motorcycles, Raybar has it all as per the needs of the rider.